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Our sites are backed with the most sought-after links in the industry.
Imagine the kind of ranking juice they’ll send to your site.



1. Powerful, Clean Domains.


Our domains are backed up by the most sought-after links in the industry, making them powerful enough for bumping your site several spots in the search engine listings.

3. Secrecy and Privacy.


We block all link crawlers that your competitors use to find your backlinks and rat you out to Google. This dramatically lessens chances of you being detected by Google OR by your competitors that may want to harm your business.

2. Fast, Reliable and Spam Free Hosting.


We only use hosting that’s earned a solid reputation for not tolerating spammy and otherwise undesirable websites. “SEO” or reseller hosting? No, thanks.

4. Content Done RIGHT.


None of this “300+ wordz of native contents, sir” that just creams “FOOTPRINT.” We randomize content lenght and think of unique angles for your link placement targets so the articles come out to 200-1200 (or more) words each and of top notch quality.



  • 1. Make your site an authority in Google’s eyes:

    Our links paired with proper anchor text selection can help your website become more of an authority and therefore start ranking for more keywords across the board. All while making it easier to rank for those desirable two or three-word keywords with high search volume.

  • 2. Build links without losing sleep at night:

    We can make linkbuilding safe for you and minimize all of the risk that comes with buying and building links. If safety is your main concern, we have ways of keeping your website “under the radar” while making it more powerful in SERPs.

  • 3. Grab Longtail Traffic:

    Screenshot 2016-04-27 01.53.56

    This is what I’m talking about when I say “grab longtail traffic.” This example site we’re working on only has 48 domains linking to it but already comes up for 2600 keyword queries in the US alone. Yeah, that’s two thousand and six hundred different queries that this site ranks for.  This is also achieved by building your authority.

  • 4. Set a Solid Link Base:


    After you have a solid foundation made of our links you can start being more “in-your-face” with search engines. You’ll be allowed more leeway in the amount of other links you can build without raising flags and get better value out of your link building efforts.



  • Connector.

    Each site on the network is "Certified Clean."

    We rigorously check each one to make sure it wasn’t used before for anything that could tarnish your website’s reputation.

  • Connector.

    We dress up your posts with nice formatting and proper images to make them look “legit” and real.

  • Connector.

    We use only the best, verified hosting providers.

    Both unique IPs and reputable shared hosting accounts are used.

  • Connector.

    We take careful measures to ensure your safety when it comes to registering our domains. Strict protocols of risk diversification are followed.

  • Connector.

    No spinning.

    No bullshit “300-word  native articlez, sir.” All content is truly unique and actually interesting (I sometimes catch myself reading articles on our sites, they can be quite educating).

  • Connector.

    We drip feed your articles.

    Unless you want to use the JUMPSTART! option, we’ll drip feed one or two articles per day, through automatic scheduling.

  • Connector.

    We’ve spent a long time developing our own spider that crawls websites and finds real gems. No one has like it. We use it to find truly incredible domains with great backlink profiles that we use to power your site up in search engines.

  • Connector.

    As you’re reading this right now I’m probably spam-checking a fresh batch of amazing domains to be used later on your site.

  • Connector.

    Naturally, all link crawlers are blocked.

    I’m sure you don’t want anyone to try to reverse engineer your SEO success and overtake you in the search engines. This is why we try to hide as much as possible from prying eyes. Only you will know.


Good Question:

Superlatives get thrown around in this industry a lot. Everyone who’s trying to sell SEO services to you will claim their particular package or service or sites are “super strong,” ”will boost rankings,” “high metrics.” (this one always makes me grin).

But objectively, how do you tell whether or not a domain you’re buying a link from is ACTUALLY powerful and has a good chance of giving you a ranking boost?

I know I’ll get slack from “pro SE0” out there for posting this here, but I feel like you must know:

Just take a look at the quality of backlinks a site in question has!

This gets many people confused because when you’re looking for SEO services you see a lot of vendors trying to sell their site networks based on metrics:

They’ll say things like – “TF20+ DA30+ AMAZING.GREAT.WONDERFUL NETWORK” — which may be true, but!

It’s Misleading for You, the Customer. And Here’s Why:

These metrics are produced by companies that crawl the internet and look for relationships between sites. For example, Majestic has a slower crawler than Ahrefs, so it may tell you that a website has 20 referring domains and using their other inputs assign this website a TF of 10. Ahrefs will find another 10 on top of the 20 that Majestic has found, and assign it Domain Rating of 28. This is all really cool, but these numbers in the end don’t mean anything because they can’t fully grasp the value of referring domains that point to the website in question and include that into their proprietary algorithm.

Of course, metrics are useful, but certainly not when buying links for your site. Very often I’ve looked at blog network’s sites’ backlink profiles that claimed high metrics only to find rubbish links.

So if I were to draw a really simple diagram, it would look like this:

|-Backlinks—> |-Site You’re Considering Getting a Link From —> |-YOUR SITE-|

So why would you expect to gain any serious benefit from having sites with rubbish backlink profiles link to your site?

Next time you’re buying pbn links from someone, ask to see a couple of their sites’ backlink profiles. That’ll tell you a whole lot.

So now, what is it that you would WANT from a website’s backlink profile to justify buying a link from it?

First and foremost, make sure it has REAL links from REAL websites.

Below you’ll find samples of such sites, so take a good look.

Naturally, all of our sites adhere to this formula so you’ve got nothing to worry about when ordering from BrandBuilder.

And another important thing, quickly. This has less to do with power, but still very important: Make sure that the sites you’re buying links on haven’t been spammed to death OR WILL BE IN THE FUTURE, by either a previous PBN owner or pharma-bag-louisvuitton-replica-erection folks. That’s why every site that we own is thoroughly checked for previous spam and Certified Clean™


There are three levels of Brand Builder links you can purchase right now:


PRIME is our one-time-fee pack that consists of 10, 20 or 30 links that point to your site and stay forever. These links are Certified Clean, spam free and pass strong link juice over to your site.

As you can see, the sites below are backed up with very solid backlinks:

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  • Screenshot 2016-05-01 23.58.54
  • Screenshot 2016-05-01 23.59.37
  • Screenshot 2016-05-01 23.59.57
  • Screenshot 2016-05-02 00.00.13
  • Screenshot 2016-05-02 00.00.44
  • Screenshot 2016-05-02 00.01.07



Every once in a while, however, in our search for great domains we come across true gems.

These websites have especially strong and robust backlink profiles, making them ideal candidates for helping you rank in those tough niches or just in case you need an extra boost.

Sites in our Preferred portfolio have on average 5-10x quality domains linking in compared to PRIME, so you end up with extremely powerful links pointing to your website. No one will ever able to tell that you bought those links, either so you are totally safe. This is also a one-time-fee.

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  • Screenshot 2016-04-30 11.54.16
  • Screenshot 2016-04-30 11.53.37
  • Screenshot 2016-04-30 11.53.02
  • Screenshot 2016-04-30 11.52.23
  • Screenshot 2016-04-30 11.51.37
  • Screenshot 2016-04-30 11.51.04
  • Screenshot 2016-04-30 11.50.32

Links Every Month:  STACK

STACK is our monthly subscription service consisting of 80% PRIME  and 20% Preferred, engineered to be drip-fed (unless you go with the JUMPSTART! option in your first month), making it a very strong and long-lasting combo to rank your sites.

There are packs of 15, 30 and 60 available. Each month you get a number of new links drip fed to your websites,  and if you cancel your subscription your old links stay forever.


Can I provide my own content?

No. We have our own ways of writing content that helps the network fly under the radar.

Can I combine this service with your other services?

If you email me at hello@brandbuilder.io we can help you come up with an ultimate package for your needs.

Can I see samples?

Sort of. There’s at least a dozen of samples right above this FAQ section, showing you the backlink profiles of the sites your links will be placed on. We do not share our specific network websites with anyone.

How many backlinks per article will be edited in?

One link is allowed per post. Why not two, three, five? Because that looks spammy and you won’t be getting the full benefit from your second link anyway.

Do the blogs have spun content?

No and they never will. Our content strategy is this: mix and match lenght of content, add pictures and relevant media.

Do you ever add new websites to the network?

We have a dedicated team of people searching for amazing domains every day to bring you the best link juice. So yes, new sites are added very often. I’d say a dozen or so sites every week. Another thing we’re working on right now is a Niche-Specific network, that’ll have websites in certain niches linking to you.

Do I get a report?

No. Because that will jeopardize the whole network for you and for other people involved. Instead, we can send you blurred out screenshots of your posts with your links inside.

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